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25. Glückstädter City-Lauf 2017 (english)





Glückstädter City-Run

- Saturday, 17 June 2017 -




Races: 250 m, 500 m und 1.000 m for children around the market place, 5 km, 10 km for children, women and men through the city of Glückstadt.









jubilee run







13:30: 1st race, 500 m boys, age group 2008/09
13:40: 2nd race, 500 m girls, age group 2008/09
13:50: 3rd race, 250 m boys, age group 2010/11
14:00: 4th race, 250 m girls, age group 2010/11

14:10: 5th race, 250 m boys/girls, age group 2012 and younger

Parents and kids: Only in this race may parents accompany their kids, no timing!

14:20: 6th race, 1000 m girls/boys, age group 2003/10

15:15: 7th race, 10 km, from age group 2006

8th race, 5 km (Nordic) Walking

15:25: 9th race, 5 km, from age group 2008

14:30 award ceremony for races 1-6

16:30  award ceremony for races 7 and 9

Entry fees

Races 1–6

3 €

Races  7–9

9 €

Late registration fee for races 7-9

3 €

For race 7-9 children up to 16 year pays 5€

Results are accessible online: www.ETSV-Fortuna.de



Until , 27. May 2017 online at



An extra late registration fee of 3 € will be charged for the races 7-9 from 27th May 2016. Late registration for all races is available on the day of the event, up to one hour before each start.
By registering, the participant agrees to the storage and use of personal data and / or publication of photos and videos taken during the event. Only the results of the half marathon will count towards the running series "Steinburg Cup".


Bib Numbers

The bib numbers can be picked up during the week before the race on Monday, 10-12:00 and on Tuesday 16-18:00  at the clubhouse of the ETSV Fortuna Glückstadt, Molenkiekergang 1, or on the day of the event from 12:45 on market square in Glückstadt.

At pickup, please specify the bib number you received via email in response to your online registration.


General Information

All children participating in the 250-1000 m races will receive small gifts sponsored by Spielzeug Meiners.
The 5 km and 10 km distance have been measured officially.

No liability can be accepted for damages of any kind.


The distribution of the winning prizes is decided by the organization team. There is no right of appeal.
The event takes place rain or shine!

Entry fees will not be refunded!
Dogs and baby-cars  may not be taken along during the races.
Double starts cannot be accepted.
Bib numbers must be attached on the front.
Further information and registration online at www.ETSV-Fortuna.de


Age awards for 5km, 10km Race

W / M youth, women and men (the main class),

W / M. 30 to W / M 70 in five-year increments according to DLV age groups

250 m and 500 m races: 1 or 2 laps around the market place, 1000 m: Start at Arko, 1 lap around the market square and part of the inner city river (Fleth);
5 and 10 km: Starts near the public pool Fortunabad - the port - to the Elbe river – residential area Butendiek – Fleth – marketplace. See the map for more details.
10 km: Start near the water tower.

Note: separate finish and 10-km- pass-through in front of the town hall.

Please ask our staff, if there are any questions left.

Signing up online is only possible with the grant of a single debit authorization and a valid e-mail address for feedback and sign up confirmation.
Please ensure correct indication of the account data; return load charge is 7.50 €.


The best female and the best male runner from Glückstadt will be awarded a challenge cup for the distance of 10 km.
Certificates can be requested on the day of the event  or printed out online.
Half marathon team score (the first three runners with the same (!) team name).

5km school class score: the school class with most runners finishing wins.
Challenge cup for the best female and the best male runner over 1000 m.


Changing, Showering, Parking

Changing rooms and showers are available free of charge at the public pool Fortuna-Bad (open until 18:00) and at the clubhouse, Molenkiekergang 1, D-25348 Glückstadt.
No parking downtown! Please use parking lots near clubhouse.



If you need an accommodation: Glückstadt Destination Management GmbH!


The organization team would like to thank the following partners:

Elbfähre Glückstadt-WischhafenElbfähre Glückstadt-Wischhafen


Sparkasse Westholstein


Elektrohaus Meiners

Elektrohaus Meiners


Der kleine Heinrich


Henning Plotz


Peters Schiffbau GmbH



Provinzial Versicherung




Sport und Fitness Glückstadt


Stadtwerke Glückstadt





Waschpark Glückstadt




Without the support of these sponsors, Glückstadt City-Run could not take place!




Organizing Team


Arno Kaps, Heiner Both, Martina Peters , Peter Thormählen, Alfred Kaps, Heiko v.d.Lieth

E-mail: CL@etsv-fortuna.de